Two who make all the difference.

"For me to bring my son is so he could do his community service because I know it's going to help him in the future. And some parents are the same. They think for their children. For me community service is important even if some people say it's a waste of time. But for me it's not. Volunteering helps with our feelings. I don't know how to explain it in English, but sometimes people get depressed and to come in and help and volunteer your mind goes somewhere else. You're not stuck on the problem you have you know. Because we all have problems. When I stay home I feel like inside me I can't go out like frustrated. So even if I come for a little while, I feel good. And then I could go back to my house and do whatever I need to do and feel good."

Call 311 or use the MyLA311 app to report abandoned waste and illegal dumping in the public right of way near you. When making a report, please provide as much detail about the location and debris as possible so the appropriate level of resources can be directed to the site.

To download the MyLA311 app, visit Google Play or Apple App Store.