Clean Streets Challenge Workshops are happening now. Are you in?

Are you a member of your Neighborhood Council or a local community group who cares about keeping your streets clean but don’t have the resources or information about how to make a difference? The Clean Streets LA Challenge is the ultimate civic experience for you, providing:

  • Information on how to maximize City resources in your community
  • Networking opportunities with key Clean Streets LA stakeholders
  • Training on how to host Clean Streets LA events in your neighborhood
  • Assistance in developing a Clean Streets LA community plan
  • Access to a Clean Streets LA cash prize to fund community clean-ups

Interested Neighborhood Councils and other organizations that attend workshops will receive guidance on how to prepare and execute a Clean Streets LA Community Partnership plan, and may be selected to receive Clean Streets LA financial awards to support your efforts.

Clean Streets LA Challenge workshops will be hosted throughout the summer, and the challenge runs until the end of the year.

Find out if you have what it takes to complete the Clean Streets LA Challenge!