Ascot Park

"It’s a place like a refuge."

Saturday, April 23, 2016  North East Trees – Ascot Hills Park

Saturday, April 23, 2016

North East Trees – Ascot Hills Park

“In a big metropolitan area there’s very little nature left, but Los Angeles has more open natural space than probably other big cities like New York and Chicago. But still, people who live in areas that are densely populated, largely developed, with everything concrete and asphalt, it’s rare to find this kind of a big opportunity, so people are drawn. I think it’s a natural and innate thing for people to be drawn to nature and open space. It’s a place like a refuge. It’s a place to come for relaxation, for recreation, to get one’s self grounded and connected, and it’s a lot cheaper than therapy (laughing). No, I think people have this natural need to connect with nature. So when people come up here to Ascot and they actually have the chance to get their hands in the soil and put new plants in the ground and smell the plants and see the bugs and hear the birds, I think it’s something people really enjoy doing. So we are happy to provide this opportunity. We use the park in a way as a vehicle just for that; for people to come out and learn, to experience, to be aware of or just to connect with nature here in the city.”