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Little Tokyo Sparkle! Wins Clean Streets Award

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and members of the City Council presented the 2016 Clean Streets L.A. Challenge Awards during a City Hall ceremony on Jan. 14. The Monster Cleanup Award for Largest Cleanups went to Little Tokyo Public Safety Association in Council District 14 and Sun Valley Area Neighborhood Council in Council District 6.

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Reeyan Raynes didn't spend this past weekend like the average high school Senior. While most of his peers were likely at the beach or watching football, Reeyan was organizing the Kiwanis Club -- an international volunteer organization -- Girls Scout Troops, and neighbors for a roadside clean-up in his community of West Hills. If that doesn't impress, consider the fact that Reeyan along with the West Hills Neighborhood Council has been doing a monthly clean up for the past two years!

Reeyan's interest in serving his community began in Middle School when he got a behind-the-scenes look at the Los Angeles Fire Department. The visit encouraged him to find ways teenagers could be involved in emergency preparedness. He joined the Public Safety Committee of his local Neighborhood Council where his dedication made him stand out. When a position on the West Hills Board became available, Reeyan was asked to step up as chair of the Community Beautification Committee by another longtime member, Tony Brosamle. From his new position, he worked with other members of the Board organizing regular clean-ups that would address overgrown weeds and litter build-up on sidewalks. 

This latest clean-up attracted over 40 volunteers and gathered over 60 bags of weeds and loose litter. What's more, is this is just one example of successful clean-up efforts organized by community groups and Neighborhood Councils happening around the city on a regular basis. 

We at the Department of Public Works are looking to award such efforts. To that end, we've created the Clean Streets L.A. Challenge which rewards Neighborhood Councils, Community Groups for organizing and hosting clean-up efforts across the city. To find out how you can participate visit the Clean Streets L.A. website and help make our communities and our cities beautiful.

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