Clean Streets South LA Challenge! 

This page is a resource and guide for participants in the Clean Streets South LA Challenge. Be sure to download this manual for important contacts and instructions on applying. This Challenge will award Neighborhood Councils and non-profits in South LA who take action to address street cleanliness in our neighborhoods. Strategies can include but are not limited to:

Below, you will find answers a Frequently Asked Questions, timeline for important dates, helpful links, printable materials, data maps, and media assets to help support your strategies to keeping our streets clean.

Table of Contents

Clean Streets South LA Challenge Timeline

March 16

Application period opens and Challenge begins. Approved applicants can start hosting community cleanup and Challenge events.  Click here to to view and complete the online application.

May 1  

Last Clean Streets South LA applications due. Applications received after this date will be rejected.

May 1 - July 31

All participants are actively hosting Clean Streets Challenge events

August 1

Challenge ends. Participants submit Reporting and Monitoring Plan to the Clean Streets LA Challenge. 

August 1 - August 15    

Evaluation Period. Challenge committee composed of members of the Board of Public Works, Neighborhood Empowerment, and the City of LA's Bureau of Sanitation reviews reporting materials from each Challenge participant

End of August   

The Departments of Public Works and Neighborhood Empowerment will announce and distribute awards.

Printable Materials

Data Tools

To assist you in identifying assets and areas of greatest need, we've developed CleanStat Clean Streets Index which is a comprehensive survey of the cleanliness of L.A. streets. When reviewing applications, the Board of Public Works will prioritize strategies that address streets and neighborhoods with cleanliness scores of 2 and 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I'm eligible to participate?

Eligible participants must meet the following criteria: be a Neighborhood Council or active non-profit organization with a valid 501(c)3 taxpayer ID in the target area located South of the I-10 freeway and North of the 105 Imperial Hwy.

Who is the "Lead Applicant"?

The "Lead Applicant" is the organization that submits the application. A lead applicant may or may not choose to have partner applicants. Regardless of whether or not there are partners, the "Lead Applicant" must be either a Neighborhood Council, a non-profit, or community organization with 501(c)3 status or other valid taxpayer ID. This is so our office can properly distribute the awards grant. The "Lead Applicant" will be the recipient of the final award.

How does a Neighborhood Council join a partnership or adopt a role as "Lead Applicant"?

In order for a Neighborhood Council to apply or join an existing application, the Neighborhood Council Board must approve by a majority vote with quorum.

My Neighborhood Council does not have a quorum. Can we still participate?

Yes! If the Neighborhood Council of which you are a member currently does not have a quorum, you can work with Department of Neighborhood Empowerment Field Director Leyla Campos on adopting an application or partnership. She can be emailed at

Where can we look to find additional partners?

If you are having difficulty finding partners, you can look to these resources at the Valley non-profit resource center and Great non-profits which list groups active in your area.

How are grants distributed?

Awards will be distributed at the conclusion of the contest.  The recipient of the award will be the Lead Applicant of partnerships that successfully execute the strategies outlined in their application. Applicants will be informed of the dollar value of their grant upon approval of their application. Upon receiving this information, applicants are not required to execute their strategy if they deem the award insufficient. However, the award will only be given to applicants that fully execute the strategy outlined in their application. Likewise, a partnership that only completes part of their strategy will be awarded a partial amount of the total award for which they are eligible.

I still have questions! Who can I contact?

If you still have questions about any part of the Challenge, you can contact Heather Johnson or Genesis Godoy during regular business hours in the Public Affairs Office of the Board of Public Work:

Heather Johnson