One who makes all the difference.

"I think in order for a community to thrive and to be a place where families and children can feel comfortable, it takes community members to get involved. If you live here, you should want to take care of it. Just like you want to take care of your home. Just like you want to take care of your car. You should also want to take care of your community. The streets, the buildings, the parks, the schools belong to the people that live in the community and that's the most important thing, when community comes together. And even if it takes five of us starting at a time, we have to start it. It has to start somewhere. I hope more and more people get on board and realize that if everyone did at least one part, then we have a hundred parts, that we'd be all working together and we can do a lot more."

Call 311 or use the MyLA311 app to report abandoned waste and illegal dumping in the public right of way near you. When making a report, please provide as much detail about the location and debris as possible so the appropriate level of resources can be directed to the site.

To download the MyLA311 app, visit Google Play orApple App Store.