How You Can Celebrate Earth Day Everyday

Just like fitness should be a year round habit instead of a beginning of year habit, Earth Day should be celebrated everyday through the adoption of sustainable practices in your everyday life. The City of Los Angeles is committed to implementing efforts that will benefit and protect our environment. Here are some things you can do every day to make a difference.

1.       Purchase reusable bags for groceries and everyday purchases: According to the Legislative Analyst’s Office, about 15 billion single-use plastic bags were given out to California consumers every year prior to Proposition 67 being passed in 2016. One plastic bag takes about 500 years to break down in landfills. By purchasing reusable tote bags, you can save plastic bags from filling our oceans, reduce your daily plastic consumption and avoid a 10 cent fee every time you shop.

2.       Report abandoned waste in your neighborhood: Los Angeles Sanitation provides L.A. residents with abandoned waste removal services through the MyLA311 app or by calling 311. The service includes removal of bulky items, loose debris and vegetation. Stay in the loop by downloading MyLA311 app here or check out for more information.


3.  Community cleanups: Hosting community cleanups in partnership with Clean Streets LA can be beneficial for the environment and your community. If you are in the South Los Angeles area, you can become part of the Clean Streets South LA Challenge by hosting community cleanups and raising awareness of the MyLA311 app. If outside of the South LA area, you can sign up to become a volunteer for Clean Streets LA and other initiatives in liaison with the Mayor’s Volunteer Corps.

4.  Attend a Discover Recycling Open House in your area: Los Angeles Sanitation hosts a series of open houses across various districts where they showcase curbside collection programs and sustainable waste practices. The Discover Recycling Open Houses are kicking off the last week of April and will run through late June. For more information on open houses near your, visit our upcoming events section.

5.  Minimize outdoor watering: Converting your garden into a drought tolerant environment can decrease the amount of water used outdoors on landscaping. Following your water agency’s watering schedule can also help decrease your water consumption. Additional water saving tips including rain barrels and keeping toxins out of local bodies of water can be found here.