The four reasons why clean streets matter

Cleaner streets = better environment

By removing trash, bulky items and hazardous materials from streets we are able to help prevent more trash and pollutants from finding themselves in the ocean and other bodies of water. Hazardous materials that are dumped on the streets are of utmost priority for cleanup as the toxins involved will get into the air we breathe and surroundings. 

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Allows for better public safety

Ensuring safe streets, sidewalks and surroundings is important to prevent accidents in vehicles and on foot. By keeping debris, trash and hazardous materials such as glass and metal off the ground we are able to provide pedestrians and drivers with safer and healthier access helping prevent collisions and other physical accidents.

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Keeps our animal friends and pets safe

Trash on our streets often involves food wrappers or materials that may resemble food which animals such as birds and dogs may be attracted to. This poses a health hazard for animal life as diseases and death can become a result of accidentally swallowing a bottle cap or rotten food. By disposing of trash properly, we are making sure living things continue to be a part of our ecosystem.


Helps keep our sewers and drains clean

Maintaining clean streets can help keep storm water runoff at bay. Trash and debris from our surroundings often find themselves in street gutters clogging storm drains and preventing water from flowing to its destination. The pollutants from trash and other waste may also find their way into our sewers further increasing exposure to hazards.

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