Why Clean Streets Matter for the Environment and Benefits of Proposition O by Guadalupe Gutierrez

With the advancement of technology making processes more efficient and the importance of sustaining our environment, Proposition O projects are some of the many examples that have made storm water processes more effective. 

Prop O funding has allowed for routes of runoff to be diverted into places highly congested with vegetation for growth and sustainability.  A bioswale is an example of a system designed to do just this. It works by having water run down an incline reaching an area full of plants where the water is absorbed along with its contents.

When waste gets carried into storm water drains, it becomes confined and creates pollution. The trash on our L.A. streets usually ends up getting in runoff water affecting vegetation and natural habitats.  Other types of waste, like electronic waste found on streets also poses danger to the environment. Electronic waste should be removed from streets and/or reported as it pollutes our bodies of water and can lead to toxic tainted organisms. Therefore, it’s essential to keep our streets clean to keep natural environments, roads, and systems like bioswales free of pollution.